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How to Play 3125-Way Pokies

3125-way pokiesJust when you thought pokies couldn’t get any more entertaining, the amount of ways you can win increased even further with 3125 now available. This revolutionary pokie layout give players more winning combinations to make your online casino experience even luckier.

3125 ways to win pokies use a 5 reel and 5 symbol design to give even more chances at striking it lucky. Although these machines can be hard to come across, when you find one that suits your style you won’t want to look anywhere else.

Everything you need to know about 3125 way pokies

If you’re after something a little different to your standard payline pokies, these fairly recent machines with increased ways to win can offer you that. Without having to score symbols across certain paylines, a whole new way to game has opened up.

Microgaming was the first to invent the 243 ways to win pokies and have since been leaders in upping the ante. Next came the 1024 ways to win which also had a huge success in the gaming world. Now with 3125 games the stakes have been increased even further and is sure to enjoy just as much fame.

Rules of the game

While each game will have its own set of bonus rounds, special symbols, and free spin features, the basic rules of 3125 ways to win pokies are the same. These machines differ from standard pokies that require you to get matching symbols from left to right on corresponding paylines due to the way they award wins.

With 3125 way pokies, you only need to have the symbols appearing on the screen from left to right to be eligible for a prize. Since there’s no need to line them up, the chances of scoring a winning combination increase significantly.

An easy way to understand the 3125 ways to win is to multiply the 5 reels by the 5 symbols on each or 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 3125. It’s this huge amount of possibilities that make these games some of the most lucrative around.

Tips for winning 3125 ways to win pokies

As with any casino game, your winnings rely mainly on luck. However, when playing 3125 ways pokies there are a few things to be mindful of when placing your bet.

First of all, to compensate for the increased chances of winning you may need to bet more per spin than your regular machine. However, this is counteracted by the fact that every spin you take will be giving you the optimal chance to win, unlike payline pokies which require you to bet extra just to activate certain paylines.

These games also come packed with other features such as progressive jackpots, free spins, bonus games, and interactive videos, so there’s more on offer than just a spin and win machine.

How to play 3125 ways to win pokies online

As these games are still fairly limited, there are only a few casinos available where you can them at this stage. Casino Mate is one of those casinos, offering access to the popular 3125 ways machine Dolphin Coast. This game offers a massive jackpot of 7.5million coins which is enough to entice any player.

When finding the right casino to play pokies you’ll need to ensure your safety and security foremost. Here are just a few of the casinos recommended by Real Money Pokies to have a go at 3125 ways to win pokies:

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Every casino recommended by our site has been personally vetted to ensure that it provides a safe and fair casino experience for players. Our preferred casinos use a minimum of 128-bit SLL encryption so you can be sure that your personal details are kept safe at all times.

Gameplay during 3125 ways to win pokies

Unlike standard pokies where you can generally gauge a win as the symbols line up across certain paylines, there’s always a surprise with 3125 ways pokies. Because there are so many possible combinations scattered across the board, it often comes as a surprise each time you win.

Scoring free spins and 3,4 or 5 of a kind becomes so much simpler as well with the added combinations available on these games. Simply get a few of the same symbols anywhere on the reels and you’ve hit a prize.

How do I play 3125 ways to win pokies for real money?

These types of pokies aren’t something you want to spend much time on in practice mode, and you’ll be itching to deposit some real cash very soon to try your luck. Any of the top recommended casinos on this page can offer you a shot at 3125 ways to win, and offer some very lucrative jackpots along the way.

3125 ways pokies also come with the best parts of standard machines with access to bonus games, free spins, and interactive videos. Although the wager per spin might cost a little more, it pays for itself in the high chances you have of scoring a winning combination.

The verdict

If you like your games with a bit of an edge, 3125 ways to win pokies are for you. By ditching the traditional payline method of pokies, these machines are an exciting way to add extra chances to your gaming experience.

Check out our recommended casinos for a safe and secure way to try your luck with 3125 ways to win. You’ll never look at online pokies the same way again.