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The Time I Won 200 Kilos of Colombian Coffee Playing Pokies at Woolworths Grocery Store

I love coffee almost as much as I love pokies. It’s a rare day that I don’t drop by the Woolworths near me and play a few rounds. I do my shopping there as well, so I usually get some good Colombian coffee too. I’m not that picky, but I do love to get some nice coffee when I can. I won 200 kilos of colobian coffee playing pokies at woolworthsI mean, I don’t like instant coffee or Starbucks, but I don’t buy the most expensive bag in the aisle, either. I think that’s pretty reasonable. Anyway, about a month ago I had a huge stroke of luck and decided to set myself up for as much coffee as I could take home. This is how it happened.

I like all kinds of pokies. On the one hand, those big video machines are really exciting, because so much can happen. They have big, fancy graphics and lots of special bonuses, so they are a lot of fun to play. However, my mum told me that the old-school plain machines actually pay out better. I don’t know if that is really true, but I alternate between the two kinds whenever I play, just in case.

I always like to think about what I would buy if I hit it big. Of course, it really depends on exactly how big the win is. Something really huge and I would be smart about it- pay off the house, put a big chunk into savings, and maybe have some fun with part of it, but I prefer to imagine that I would use the money wisely. We are not rich- far from it- and an opportunity like a real big win is something I wouldn’t pass up. I know how important it is to be out of debt and save for retirement, so a major, real win would make me think of the futures of myself and my family.
If, on the other hand, I got a decent win – not like twenty dollars, but a good mid-sized win – then I have this idea that I should do something a little silly with it. I figure that I came into the money in a silly way, so I should spend it in a silly way too. I think this makes up for the serious way I would treat a big win. I definitely am not the kind of person to just blow a big check on a vacation or car or something. I want to do something kind of unique.

Anyway, that is just background about me. Let’s get on with the story. I was in Woolworths just to play some pokies… I didn’t need to go shopping or anything. I was heading over to the pokies when I heard some cheering. It turned out that someone had just won something – about a hundred dollars or so, as far as I could tell. So that deflated me a bit. I figured that if someone had just won, the odds were against me winning right after. That might be irrational, but it’s what I believe. I think everyone has their own beliefs and superstitions about gambling, and that’s one of mine. So I was going over to the machines, and I figured that I wasn’t due for a win. So I went to the video machine, because if I wasn’t going to win, I wanted to just have fun.

I didn’t want to drop that much money, so I wasn’t expecting to be there for long. But I started having one of those days where I kept winning back my money. It wasn’t enough to really get ahead, but I was winning extra spins, so I kept going. I had already committed to only playing a little money, but as long as I kept winning back, I was going to keep going. Then, it happened.

Out of nowhere, I got a couple of free spins, which sent me into a bonus round, and then I stacked up a massive score. It wasn’t a life-changing win, but it was sizable – in that silly range I talked about earlier – significantly less than ten thousand. I was really shocked – I hadn’t expected it at all, so at first I didn’t even celebrate. After I realized what had happened, I had to decide on what to do. I was struggling at first, and then it came to me in a flash. I wanted to make it a silly spend, but I also didn’t want it to be totally useless. I headed over to where the coffee was stored and eyeballed the shelves. Yes, there was a good selection. It took some time for me to actually get my money, but when I did, I knew exactly what to do. I went over to the coffee and loaded up on the best Colombian beans they had. I varied my choices – some blends, a few different varieties, different brands, but it was all Colombian. It’s pretty expensive, so I don’t often get it, but it is definitely my favorite region for coffee.

I went up and down the aisle, pulling down bags of coffee, and by the end I had about 200 kilos. It was well worth it. I am going to be stocked with coffee for a long time, and it’s really good coffee. I love the idea of doing something like this with my winnings. It’s silly and practical at the same time – the kind of thing I would never do on my own if I hadn’t come up with the money from a win. I definitely think this is the right attitude to have towards these mid-size wins. Don’t try to do something serious with it – do something fun for yourself. I prefer coffee. You might want to go on a little trip or buy something nice for your house. It’s easy come, easy go. Invest in something that will give you good experiences or nice memories.

That’s how you can make the most of a pokies win.

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