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What Are The Best Penny Pokies Online?

best penny pokiesWhile everyone enjoys a gamble, not all of us can afford to make such high bets or spend hours at a time playing online. Thankfully, penny pokies are here to make it easy to have some fun while keeping the betting to a minimum.

Penny pokies are just as the name implies: a penny (or cent) a go. These games can be great if you’re working with a small allocated budget or just looking at the pokies as a bit of fun. Many of them even offer the chance for serious rewards.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most entertaining penny pokies that still have a high chance for winnings, so you can spend more time gaming and less worrying about your financial outlay.

Wild Witches

If you like the spooky factor in your pokies then this is the game for you. Wild Witches has a Halloween vibe that features an array of potions, cauldrons and creepy creatures on the reels accompanied by some spooky sound effects as you play.

With the ability to bet just 1c per spin, this is one of the most enticing penny pokies around. If you do feel the need to up the ante, though, you can bet a massive $80.00 on one turn. This game has the potential to win jackpots of up to 120,000 coins so the payout is enough to keep you enticed.

Wild Witches has an amazing free spins feature that can be trigger by 3 or more of the cauldrons. You have the potential to be awarded a massive 30 free spins in just one feature here with the added bonus of a guaranteed multiplier.

For a game that offers excitement as well as the chance for winnings, Wild Witches is one of the best penny pokies around for those looking to play with real money.

Agent Jane Blonde

Agent Jane Blonde is the femme fatale answer to James Bond, with an assortment of martinis, fast cars, and secret missions scattered across the reels. While the graphics may be a little older on this game, Agent Jane Blonde doesn’t disappoint in terms of jackpots. With the potential to win up to 150,000 coins, it’s one of the most lucrative penny pokies.

When playing Agent Jane Blonde you can enjoy the thrill and action of the spy world while being careful with your coin. This machine offers a spin for a cent for those interested in penny pokies, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can increase the bet up to $45.

To trigger the bonus game all you need is three of the Agent Blonde wild symbols, and these can be continuously re-triggered while you’re in the feature. Each win will get you 15 free games with an enticing 3x multiplier on every payout when you play for real money, even when your bet is at a minimum.

Bring the thrill of a super spy on a budget to your living room with Agent Jane Blonde and win big on these penny pokies today.

Beach Babes

What better setting to relax and unwind with some pokies than a picturesque ocean and all the ingredients for a great day at the beach? Beach Babes can take you seaside with an array of gorgeous girls and fun activities that let you play for just one cent a spin.

These penny pokies provide the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing game and with the potential for great bonuses. If you manage to get three or more Esky symbols you’ll have triggered the amazing free spins feature where your wins are all multiplied by six. That’s one of the biggest automatic multipliers for real money players, especially for penny pokies.

The gamble feature of Beach Babes is another standout quality, offering you the chance to double your winnings with the simple push of a button. Be careful not to get greedy, though, as there’s the possibility you could lose it all.

Let the Beach Babes accompany you for a relaxing day of gaming and see just how much moolah you can walk away with from these entertaining penny pokies.


Keeping in theme with the other beautiful women accompanying these penny pokies, Elektra is a Marvel superhero who makes for a thrilling online game. Adept at martial arts, these reels are scattered with various ninja weapons and essentials that Elektra uses in her work as an assassin.

Elektra is one of the rare penny pokies that has access to a progressive jackpot, in this case being linked to the other Marvel themed machines. Included in these progressive jackpots is a few of varying sizes that can be won when you trigger the free games feature if playing for real money.

There’re three different variations of free spins with the lowest offering 15 games without a multiplier for those who like to play it safe. If you want a bigger risk you’re able to change the spins to just seven games with a massive 4x multiplier.

This is one of the simpler penny pokies available, without getting crowded with too many fancy features. With the option to bet as little as 1c per spin right up to $50, there’s something to keep all gamers entertained no matter your budget.

Why not lose yourself in the thrilling world of Elektra and try your luck at one of many progressive jackpots that this electrifying machine can offer.

The Verdict About Online Penny Pokies

There’s no denying that online penny pokies are a lot of fun, but you still need to cautious with your money as you play. Over time the pennies can start to stack up, so try to stick to machines that offer good returns.

These games are ideal for those new to the world of online gaming, and those with a limited budget who want to enjoy the thrill of playing for real money. Whatever the reason, there’s an array of penny pokies available to play for every type of gamer.