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The Day I Lost My Winning Scratchy at a Bullfight

Texas is known for being one of the hottest states in the United States of America. However, a couple of summers back, I could’ve sworn that the temperature reached over 60C on some days. Of course, back in those days, I was working 12-hour shifts at the old steel mill.

The day I lost my winning scratchy at a bullfightI had to pay off my child support, and hard work was the only labor I knew. The Mrs. and I divorced a few years back after our relocation from Kalgoorlie, and she truly needed the money to support our child. Nonetheless, I just couldn’t make ends meet back then, and I barely saw my little boy at all. My ex-wife found a new man, and my little boy replaced me with a new dad.

Those long days in the steel mill didn’t give me much time for anything. Not seeing my son for months at a time would cripple me mentally. When my boy would visit, we would watch the bull fights on the television set. We would sit back for hours and watch the best matadors fight the most dangerous bulls in all of Mexico. My boy had a real liking for a matador named Eduardo Sanchez.

In Mexico, bullfighting is a proud and honoured tradition. Eduardo Sanchez came from a long line of matadors. When the television set revealed that Eduardo Sanchez was having his final farewell bullfight in Mexico City, my little boy was a bit saddened. When I saw that he had tears in his eyes, I told him that we could go see Eduardo Sanchez’s final bullfight.

My son didn’t believe me at first, but I gave him my word. Now, if there’s one thing that I take seriously as a man, it’s keeping my word. I went to work the next day, and I told my boss that I would be needing the weekend off during the Eduardo Sanchez bullfight. My boss told me that it would be impossible for me to take off. You see, a new shipment of steel just entered the factory, and I was a senior operator. Long story short, I decided to quit my job from the steel mill right then and there.

All of the years of hard work meant nothing to my boss, and I decided that he means nothing to me. The promise to my son was the only important thing in my life. After I quit my job, I went to the bank and cashed out whatever money I had left. A few thousand dollars is all I had to show for the decades of hard work and sweat. Whatever the case may be, that little bit of money I had left was going to make my child smile.

I fuelled up my Ford Bronco, and I phoned his mother that same night. After some bickering with my ex, she finally agreed to let him go. The next morning, my little boy and I hit the road. The road trip from San Antonio to Mexico City with my son proved to be one of the happiest memories of my life.

After many hours of driving, I decided to pull over at a gas station near the Texas/Mexico border. My son and I went into the convenience store, and we purchased ourselves some snacks and sodas. I told my boy that he could have anything he wanted. While the store attendant was ringing me up, I noticed an El Matador scratchy behind the counter. I told the kind worker to add one of the sketches to the snacks and sodas that I was purchasing. My son was too excited, and I didn’t get a chance to scratch the lottery ticket off right there.

We got back into my Ford Bronco, and we jumped right back on the highway. I had some classic country music pumping and my boy smiling. Needless to say, I was a very happy man at that moment. Finally, after hours and hours of driving, we found ourselves in Mexico City. My boy and I checked into a nearby hotel, and we hit the hay. The long drive had gotten us both tired, and we couldn’t keep our eyes open. Besides, the next morning, the Eduardo Sanchez bullfight was taking place.

After a deep and refreshing sleep, my boy woke up in excitement. He ran to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and took a shower before I even got out of bed. After what seemed to be an hour, my boy finally finished up in the bathroom. He ran out into the bedroom and jumped on my bed. He told me that I needed to get ready, or otherwise we were going to be late. I jumped up quickly and ran into the bathroom. I washed up, and then my boy and I hit the road once again.

We drove down to the stadium, and I bought two tickets to the Eduardo Sanchez bullfight. When I reached into my pocket to pay, I found the El Matador scratchy. I forgot that I never even scratched the darn ticket off yet. My son grabbed my sleeve and pulled me off to the seats.

I told my boy to grab some popcorn from the vendor nearby. As he was getting us some snacks, I decided to finally scratch the El Matador scratchy. To my disbelief, I revealed three matador symbols, and I had just become a millionaire. I sat there and began crying. All of my dreams had just come true. I finally had my boy and a pocket full of money.

My boy quickly ran back to his seat, and I did not let him know what just happened. I was going to tell him right after the bullfight. Finally, Eduardo Sanchez came out onto the field. He bowed down in front of everybody, and then a massive bull was released. Eduardo Sanchez dodged and attack the bull with the fierceness that made him a legend. The day was truly perfect, until the unthinkable happened.

Eduardo Sanchez was gored by the bull, and he was severely injured. The bull then ran for the crowd. I picked up my son and ran out of that stadium before anyone else. Once we got to safety, I reached into my front pocket, and my scratchy ticket was gone. It must have fallen out during all the commotion and chaos. My son and I looked at each other, and we couldn’t help but laugh. Thankfully, the bull was quickly restrained after the incident.

Even though I had just lost a million dollars, the drive home was still extremely fun. I told my boy to keep the entire situation a secret between he and I. If his mother would have known what happened, I probably would never see him again. In fact, when my ex-wife asked me how the trip was with my son, I told her it was priceless.

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